Memories of Mars – All about Season 2

Dear Martians,

It has been almost two months since the launch of Memories of Mars. Mother has been hard at work fixing issues, squashing bugs, and adding in new features. (Details here –> )

We know that our launch into Early Access came with hurdles and we are happy to say all of the critical issues have been resolved and season two will add in new features and mechanics to support more versatile playstyles than what was possible in season one.

MoM - Season 2 - Cave

Many of the key improvements were suggested and guided by our awesome Martian community. You all have done a great job at spotting issues that affect the player and providing quality recommendations to fuel our discussions and priorities. The result of the community and the team’s efforts we have a great list of significant improvements as well as some cool stuff for season two.

Improvements since launch:

  • Overall performance and stability: One of the bigger issues we faced on launch was server and client stability and performance. While performance is a continuous effort, stability has massively improved. No longer do players have to worry about server crashes or their progress and base being randomly wiped on a server crash or restart.
  • Overall gunplay: We have improved several aspects of the general gunplay and combat. Hit registration has improved, weapon balancing, misfire ammo has been removed, several animation fixes, scopes work correctly, Infinite sprint has been added, and various behind the scenes tweaks.
  • Spawn killing mitigation: Another improvement which was based on the feedback of the community was the spawn killing of players. We have improved this by changing the default items a clone is spawned with as well as adding spawn protection to give new players a bit of time to move away from an area that a spawn camper may be.
  • Base building: has been improved by allowing players to have more freedom with how and where they build. Structures now interact with the terrain much better. The cost of maintaining a structure has been and continues to be tweaked. Also several new customization options have been added.
  • Loot distribution: On launch a common comment from the community was that loot was inconsistent and certain items would be super common and other items were never found and that this changed from day to day. We have since improved this and for the most part we feel that the distribution of loot is at a good balance between common and rare items. Player movement: No more crazy legs! We have fixed a ton of animation and as said you can now sprint forever. There have also been adjustments to vaulting and generally moving around mars i.e through doors, issues with slightly clipping through player bases.
  • Raiding and raiding defenses: Base raiding from Day 1 to now is night and day. Previously certain devices couldn’t be destroyed. Incorrect damage modifiers were being applied when using grenades and the maintenance terminal interface was confusing. All of this has now been rectified and we will continue to expand the raiding possibilities.
  • Scuttler distribution and spawn rates: There isn’t too many and there aren’t too few.

Season 2 features:

We have a lot planned for season 2 and as was the case in season one there are bound to be some strange bugs and issues, with the help of the community, any issues we missed internally will be resolved as fast as possible.

  • Prototype Vehicle: Vehicles have been a big request and something that players are excited to try. We will be testing our 1st prototype vehicle on separate test servers. The vehicle is very early so we don’t want to worry about the possibility of the vehicle affecting players’ progression or gameplay, in case it causes server problems. The vehicles will be available to test drive on our public test realm (PTR) and will respawn every server restart, in the same locations, in case someone loses one.

MoM - Season 2 - E-RAZOR Vehicle

  • Private servers: This has been requested more than anything from the community. We are happy to share the 1st iteration of private servers. There may be some wonky issues but they will be improved as we move forward. Players will be able to play how they want and are given the freedom to host a dedicated server on their own machine (given they have a beast machine), they can also rent a server from any of their favorite server hosting providers. Lastly, players can rent a server from our official partner which will be the easiest way to have a private server setup and running smooth as biomass.
  • Official PvP and PvE servers: Since launch we received a large number of comments and reviews mentioning the desire to build, craft, and explore with friends without the worry of being killed by a player or being raided. We have taken this feedback into consideration and are starting PvE servers. Our PvE servers also allow for PvP action that is completely optional. The FLOP events will be surrounded by a PvP zone which allows for player damage. Once a player leaves this area they will be vulnerable for a short amount of time. Any other area players will not be able to kill players or deal damage to bases.
  • Additional weapons and devices: We will also have more things for the clones to unlock and aid them with their survival including: stealth weapons, the crossbow and a suppressor for pistols. An algae farm will be the first steps for clones to be self-sufficient for food. Spotlights will provide more light for your base.

  • Hidden Lore: as requested by the community we will add more lore to explain some of the backstory. The first iteration will be environmental. Make sure to keep an eye on different monitors, posters and more to start uncovering the story of Mars.
  • More customization options: More patterns will be available in our new individualizer device where players can spend FLOPS for style. Now you can decide to be a female clone upon a new spawn. Player lights inside your player base can now also be customized. This is just a small step towards us adding more ‘fluff’ elements to player base building.
  • Additional locations: Several new locations have been added, no spoilers here so you will have to go find them yourself.
  • Female clone: As stated you can now pick your gender upon spawn. Who says a planet full of clones can’t have diversity.

We look forward to seeing you for Season 2 and hearing more feedback and suggestions on how to improve and provide some great Memories of Mars J (pun very much intended).

Last but not least you can always increase your chances of surviving the harsh Mars landscape by following us on our social channels!

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Thank you,

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July 25, 2018 10:45 am